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If you do not have access to CCHMC email please partipate in our survey by clicking link below! 

We are currently conducting a Field of Membership survey. Every Friday in October, beginning October 3, 2014 we will have a Prize Drawing for everyone that completes the survey. Prizes are Restaurant Gift Cards and Shell Gas Cards. Complete the survey soon so that you are registered for all drawings.  Please click on the link to participate:


Winners from our third drawing are Mauro Bermas, Amal Assaad, Linda Richey and Sarah Jefferson. Winners from our second drawing are Janet Wagner ($25 Red Lobster card), Tamika King ($25 Shell card), Vicki Downey ($25 Shell card), and Marci Conroy ($25 Red Lobster card)! Winners from our first drawing are Rae Schroot ($25 Shell card), Kathryn Hogan ($25 Shell card), Lisa Louder ($25 Red Lobster card) and Kathleen Kirscher ($25 Red Lobster card) Congrats to all!

Next Drawing is October 17, 2014!

Main Office Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7:15AM - 4:00PM

Wednesday 1:00PM - 4:00PM

 Vernon Manor Office:

                                                                      Wednesdays 10:00AM-1:50PM

Auto Loan Rates

New Auto Loans (Two years old or Newer) 2.49%

Used Auto Loans (Five years old or Newer) 2.69% 


Introducing Mobile Check Deposit!

You must have a Credit Union Checking Account and Debit Card to apply for Mobile Check Deposit.






As part of our on-going efforts to keep our online banking as safe and secure as possible we have changed and added to the number of security questions currently being asked. When you login to your online banking account you will be prompted to answer ten security questions. Once you have answered these you will only be asked one question upon login going forward, provided you answer it correctly. The password requirement will also be strengthened by having the member use at least eight characters which will require at least one each of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character. If you have any questions please contact a Credit Union customer service representative at (513) 636-4470.



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